Nuit des Capites

Description of the activity

Experience this summer 2023 our "Nuits des Capites" which will take place every Saturday evening in June.
Departures will be from the Francey-Vins cellar in Chexbres at 8pm and 9pm.
Our vineyards will be lit with candles and solar garlands to guide you to our two capites which will shine with a thousand lights.
You will taste 5 wines in groups of maximum 10-12 people in a magical night atmosphere, accompanied by delicious local products!
The duration of each outing is approximately 3.5 hours, with a return between midnight and 1am. The programme includes a night walk through the illuminated vineyards with a stop at two capites and a tasting of our wines accompanied by delicious local products.

Services included

A kit is offered to each participant, including :
- 3 x 1 half bottles of St-Saphorin wines (1 Fosses, 1 Burignon and 1 Métis red)
- 1 unbreakable wine glass
- 1 planchette
- 1 knife
- 1 piece of vacuum-packed Haut-Jorat Gruyère cheese (100 g)
- 1 "Don-Recroze" Vaudois sausage (approx. 100 g)
- 1 canvas bag
- mineral water
All of this accompanied by bread and flutes from the Bidlingmeyer baker in Chexbres, fruit juice and several choices of non-alcoholic drinks.

Meeting point

Rue du Bourg de Plaît 4
1071 Chexbres

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From CHF 120

Practical information

Address : Rue du Bourg de Plaît 4, Chexbres

Public transport(s) : Bus, Car, Train

Duration of the activity : 3 hours 30 minutes

Max number of people : 12

Language(s) available : English, French


How to get there?

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