TukTuk ride and wine tasting in the vineyard

Taxi Bike SA

Description of the activity

A journey to the Geneva vineyards in an electric TukTuk, in the open air and pollution-free. A new way to discover the region’s wine and cultural heritage. Local producers will be delighted to give you a taste of their excellent wines, as well as sharing their history and expertise.

We offer rides of 3 hours (visit to a cellar, CHF 340) or 4 hours (visit to two cellars, CHF 440). Each TukTuk can carry up to 4 passengers. 

The experience includes:
  • A return trip from Geneva's city centre to the wine-growing area
  • 45min - 1hr walk in the wine-growing countryside
  • 45min - 1hr wine tasting per cellar
Wine tasting set by the cellar

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CHF 340

/ Tuktuk 3 hours

CHF 440

/ TukTuk (4 hours)

Practical information

Address : Place de Neuve , Genève

Public transport(s) : Bus, Streetcar

Duration of the activity : 4 hours

Max number of people : 3

Language(s) available : English, French


How to get there?

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