Description of the activity

Thanks to the Valais Wine Pass, you will discover a world where pleasures and experiences meet. Fendant, Petite Arvine, Païen, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cornalin... Valais offers a multitude of grape varieties of inestimable quality. Thanks to the Valais Wine Pass, we offer you the opportunity to walk along the Rhône Valley from one tasting area to another to discover the emblematic Valais wines.

The Pass includes the following services:

  • 10 vouchers to be exchanged for 10 glasses of different Valais wines (1dl per coupon).

  • Around thirty tasting partners to choose from throughout the Valais;

  • A detailed explanation of the wine served offered in all the tasting areas;

  • Every Valais Wine Pass holder who has tasted wines at three different partners can take part in the competition to win one of the 20 boxes of 3 award-winning wines.

Each partner of the Valais Wine Pass has been selected with the aim of offering you a diverse range of tasting areas and to bring real added value to your visits.

Validity and notice: the Valais Wine Pass is valid for 1 year from the date chosen below. Please allow at least 5 days, starting today, before the first possible use of your pass, as it will be sent to you by post. Shipping in Switzerland only.

Our partners Valais Wine Pass :

  • St-Jodern Kellerei - Visperterminen

  • Provins Boutique - Brig

  • Cave de la Tour - Viège

  • Chanton Weine - Viège

  • Domaines Chevaliers - Salgesch

  • Cave Fernand Cina - Salgesch

  • Gregor Kuonen Caveau de Salquenen AG - Salgesch

  • Josef Glenz & Töchter - Salgesch

  • La Bouteille Rouge - Salgesch

  • Caves du Paradis - Sierre

  • Château de Vaas - Flanthey

  • Provins Valais - Sion

  • Cave Dubuis & Rudaz - Sion

  • Cave Fils de Charles Favre - Sion

  • Château Constellation - Sion

  • Domaine Mont d'Or - Sion

  • Les Celliers de Sion - Sion

  • Maison Gilliard - Sion

  • Tour Lombarde - Conthey

  • Régence Balavaud Provins - Vétroz

  • Le Verre Maye - Riddes

  • Caveau de Chamoson - Chamoson

  • La Vouettaz - Chamoson

  • Chez Victorine - Fully

  • Fol'terres - Fully

  • Provins Valais - Martigny

Note: the Valais Wine Pass is only available in French and German.

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From CHF 49

Practical information

Address : Avenue Général-Guisan 6, Sierre

Public transport(s) : Bus, Train

Duration of the activity : 2 hours

Max number of people : 10

Language(s) available : English, French, German

How to get there?

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