Visit & discovery of the winery

Description of the activity

After a short introduction to the history of the estate and wine in Geneva, we take you behind the scenes at Paradais to retrace the journey of the grapes over the harvesting period, from their arrival as bunches to the bottle of wine sealed and brought to the table. Geneva wines, Swiss wines, wine in general... Why do we like it? Is it really always thanks to the Romans? 

A visit to a wine cellar is the perfect time to discover, or rediscover, what transforms land into passion. It’s also the perfect time to show you what is different about us, and what we share with other cellars. Whether you are visiting alone or in a group, are a wine drinker or not, a lover of wines or new to tasting, a couple, with family or friends, everything is possible. The most important thing is that you come away with a little something extra. You don't always need to go too far...

And of course, we'll won't leave your glass empty: the tasting is included in the price!

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From CHF 35

Practical information

Address : Route du Mandement 275, Satigny

Public transport(s) : Boat, Car, Train

Duration of the activity : 1 hour 30 minutes

Max number of people : 15

Language(s) available : English, French, German, Italian

Indoor & outdoor

How to get there?

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