visit & wine tasting

Caves du Château d'Auvernier

Description of the activity

Since 1603, the family’s legacy is perpetuated with passion in what is now the 15th generation.

With a complete visit of vineyards and winery, ending with a wine tasting, we invite you to dive into this warm atmosphere.

Wine is the child of a year’s creation, during that time, nature, soil, environment, grape varieties, concluding with cellaring, shape the characteristics and identity of the wine.

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From CHF 35.00

Practical information

Address : Place des Epancheurs 6, Milvignes

Public transport(s) : Boat, Bus, Car, Streetcar, Train

Duration of the activity :1 hour 30 minutes

Max number of people : 25

Language(s) available : English, French, German

Indoor & outdoor

How to get there ?

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