Charterhouse Ittingen

Kartause Ittingen – 8532 Warth-Weiningen

German Switzerland

Charterhouse Ittingen

Ittingen Charterhouse has a long history of viticulture. Immerse yourself with all your senses and learn interesting facts about wine production then and now.

Ittingen Charterhouse is a former Carthusian monastery nestled in the idyllic Thur landscape and surrounded by magnificent gardens in Warth near Frauenfeld. It is one of the most important cultural monuments in the Lake Constance region and is a popular destination for guests from near and far. Behind the old monastery walls there is a wide range of facilities: the Thurgau Art Museum, the Ittingen Museum, a hotel with 68 rooms, the Mühle restaurant with a cosy garden restaurant, a fine selection of seminar rooms and banquet halls, a monastery shop, an estate with viticulture, its own market garden, cheese dairy and butcher’s shop as well as a small trout farm and a wood-fired oven bakery. It combines monastic values such as culture, spirituality, education, care, hospitality and self-sufficiency in a unique way.

Ittingen Charterhouse produces over 200 products on site. From many of them, the kitchen team creates seasonal dishes that could not be fresher. Wherever their own products are not available, preference is given to products from regional producers. If everything in a dish comes from the farm, it gets the stamp “0km-Menu”. Ittingen wines from its own wine press accompany it.

Tip: The picturesque vineyards of Ittingen Charterhouse invite you on a discovery tour. On ten panels around the Kirchwingert vineyard, you will learn interesting facts about the history of local wine, the care of the vines throughout the year, the terroir and the wine assortment of Ittingen Charterhouse. An adventure tour that will whet your appetite for a fine glass of Carthusian wine!