Grotto Fläscher Bad

– 7306 Fläsch

German Switzerland

Grotto Fläscher Bad

We are really pleased that you are here! The Grotto Fläscher Bad is simply a bit different.

Our family business, Schneggen AG, has been around since 1970, and we have been running the catering company and our cooking studio Marxers Kochwelt since 2013. With the takeover of the “Fläscher Bad”, family togetherness is now also a top priority at the Grotto on the Hermann vineyard.

With a lot of heart and soul, we have spruced up and renovated the Grotto – and are now very happy about our feel-good oasis in the middle of the vines. Our place is chic and yet incredibly cosy – a real place of strength.

We would like to send your thoughts and your palate on holiday, because we know one thing: Pleasure is fleeting, but not the memory of it. That’s why we want to share the joy of it with you.

We wish you many lasting impressions and a moment “to switch off” with us.