Murder & Mistery Evening

20th September 2024


Murder & Mistery Evening

La Badouxthèque offers an interactive ” « show & dine »” evening, with laughter, emotion and suspense guaranteed.
Sign up today for an exceptional experience, masterfully staged by Les Faux-Semblants at La Badouxthèque.

Gastronomes, epicureans, theater and entertaining evenings lovers, these performances are made for you!
The show is in French Friday, September 20, from 19h : « Meurtre à L’Eau Rouge » (Murder in Red Waters) – CHF 89.– per person.

It’s a moonless night, and La Vieille has predicted that something bad is going to happen on the evening of the guests banquet at the Grand Hôtel des Bains.
Someone’s going to die, but who???
As the evening progresses, discover the clues that will help you catch the murderer!