Trottenbeiz, in conversation with the Trottenmeister

From 26 May to 22 December 2023

German Switzerland

Trottenbeiz, in conversation with the Trottenmeister

Always on the last Friday of the month.
Talk to the cellar master about our favorited subject, wine, in a relaxed atmosphere. We start with a small lecture incl. wine tasting and then move on to a round of talks. If you are hungry, you can order cold platters. Simply come and get a seat is just as possible as reserving in advance with us.
We look forward to seeing you.

26.05 Friday Trottebeiz theme “PiWi or who loves to do treatments”
30.06 Friday Trottebeiz theme “other countries, other customs”
28.07 Friday no Trottebeiz summer break
25.08 Friday Trottebeiz theme “z Bade uf de Gass”
27.10 Friday Trottebeiz theme “scents of autumn”
24.11 Friday no Trottebeiz Wine tasting with Treberwurst (sausage cooked in grape marc)
22.12 Friday Trottebeiz theme “Festive wine, the legend”