Wine black night – Meals in the dark

15th November 2024


Wine black night – Meals in the dark

Welcome to our unique sensory experience: a meal in the dark where all five senses will be stimulated in an exceptional way.

Plunge into total darkness and let your senses guide you as you explore a culinary world where taste, smell, touch, hearing and even your innate sense of intuition will be awakened and amplified.

In this extraordinary gastronomic journey, you’ll be invited to taste the estate’s wines and exquisite dishes, carefully prepared to awaken your taste buds in total darkness.

But this meal isn’t just about tasting: it’s a complete multi-sensory experience.

You’ll also be invited to explore the sounds around you, as the women’s group “Les Fleurs du Mâle” accompany each dish with their haunting songs for adults.