Winzerobig with the winery Eichholz

6th December 2024

German Switzerland

Winzerobig with the winery Eichholz

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Wine is nature
Earth, wind, rain and sun. They all play hand in hand in invisible harmony. Our microclimate allows the grapes a long vegetation period and a good degree of ripeness. The result is well-rounded, fruity wines.

The Eichholz soil consists of weathered primary rock, rich in limestone and a considerable proportion of clay. The slate structure naturally regulates the water balance.
Our task is to promote the biodiversity of soil organisms in order to keep the soil alive.

Cultivation according to organic guidelines is therefore a matter of course.
Only a vital soil can produce finesse, expressiveness and unique flavours.
As in the vineyard, so in the cellar: less is more. Let nature speak.