Welcome to the official website for Swiss wine tourism!

We’re pleased to welcome you to our brand new platform.

Swiss Wine Tour is a project led by the Fondation pour la Promotion du Goût (Foundation for the Promotion of Taste), based in Lausanne (Vaud). It is supported by the Swiss Confederation’s tourism fund, Innotour.

With Switzerland being home to many high quality wines, the project represents the country’s desire to become a wine tourism destination of both national and international renown.

The booking platform www.swisswinetour.com is the public-facing part of the project, with a quality concept in partnership with many Swiss businesses, as well as corporate and private partners. The providers you will be visiting are all part of the national network of Swiss wine tourism, having obtained the title of “Swiss Wine Tour Partner”.

With this project, we are doing everything we can to:

  • Offer you a full experience of Swiss wine tourism
  • Give you the opportunity to purchase quality wine tourism activities online, at any time, wherever you are
  • Allow you to discover the many facets of Swiss wine, from its wine regions to producers and tourist sites

The booking platform www.swisswinetour.com will be developed and optimised in the coming months. New offers will gradually expand the existing catalogue, namely with offers from the Swiss-German region.

Do not hesitate to visit our website regularly and share your opinion on the project with us!

Enjoy your visit and welcome to Switzerland, country of wine and wine tourism!

We need you! To improve our project and this platform, send us the review of your experience on our booking platform  www.swisswinetour.com and/or after a wine tourism experience . Your submission will automatically enter you into our competition, where you could win a whole host of wine tourism prizes!

Many thanks in advance!