3 castle walk

Discover the vineyards of Morges and three castles. As a bonus, admire the majestic Mont Blanc mountain above the vines.

Departing from the centre of town, the Morges path takes you directly into the forest on a way that is only accessible on foot.
The path, shaded at first, takes you along the Morges river and then quickly leads you through the vineyards above the town and all the way to Echichens.
A fountain and a bench with a nice view on the castle of Vufflens allow to linger and enjoy a buccolic break in the village of Monnaz. Then a long series of stairs take you from Monnaz to Vufflens-le-Château.

Under the castle of Denens, a nice picnic area is waiting for you. Then the path goes back down to Chigny, then back down to Morges, still through the fields. Did you know that Denens is the village of scarecrows? Go and discover them, they are hiding all over the village!