Winzerobig with the Lipp estate and distillery

6th September 2024

German Switzerland

Winzerobig with the Lipp estate and distillery

We’re bringing the Winemaker to your table!

“One couple, two passions” – Carina and Reto Lipp-Kunz, she a winemaker, he a distiller.

Together they are rooted in traditional craftsmanship and a passion for exceptional wines and distillates.
Both grew up in Maienfeld, from where they discovered the wide world. Carina in tourism and languages, Reto in electrical engineering and the mountains.

In 2013, they took over the business from Carina’s parents and have been leading a colorful life surrounded by nature, business and family ever since. Their greatest reward: creating something that makes them and their customers happy, with a great deal of freedom and self-determination.

When it comes to viticulture, they focus on the classic Burgundy varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Since 2020, they have been cultivating their vines according to organic guidelines and are in the process of converting to the Bio-Knospe certificate