Evening cruise on Lake Biel with meal on board

Käptn Oli's Schifffahrt

Description of the activity

Olivier Perrot, alias Captain Oli, invites you on his boat for a convivial cruise on Lake Biel. Once on board, enjoy a delicious meal while watching the sun set behind the Jura mountains. The evening ends with a stroll around St. Peter's Island, a chance to stretch your legs before Captain Oli lifts the ink and takes you back to the starting point.

The menu consists of the following items: a starter salad with bacon and cheese (or wine soup in case of bad weather), followed by a main course with a choice of captain's sausage, horse fillet, pike-perch fillet or vegan burger, accompanied by potatoes and San Marzano tomatoes, and a sweet touch to finish.

Olivier Perrot offers wine lovers the opportunity to start the evening with an aperitif in his wine cellar in Twann.

Included services

  • Aperitif in Olivier Perrot's wine cellar (choose when making your reservation).
  • Cruise
  • Meal (aperitif, starter, main course and dessert)

Meeting point

With aperitif: 6.15 pm in front of Olivier Perrot's wine cellar (Dorfgasse 36, 2513 Twann).

Without aperitif: 7.30 p.m. at the Schiffländte Twann.

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From CHF 75.00

Practical information

Public transport(s) : Boat

Duration of the activity :Departure from Douanne: 7.30 pm to 10.45 pm Departure from Lüscherz: 20:00 to 22:25

Max number of people : 100

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