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Schaffhauserland Tourismus

Description of the activity

Enjoy the Gourmet Path Schaffhausen as a group, on your own or as a couple of two. Every Thursday and Friday, there is the opportunity to discover Schaffhausen’s specialities in a new way. The most exciting thing about it: you change the locality after every course.

This offer is bookable until a minimum of 24 hours before.

Planning on starting the weekend with a tasty happening? Perfect! This is exactly what you can experience on the Gourmet Path at Schaffhausen every Thursday and Friday.

A precious local wine inaugurates the Gourmet Path at 4.30pm. As everyone prefers different tastes, there is a variety of white and red wines you can choose from our oenomat.

But careful! Don’t forget about the time. There is already a table awaiting you at the restaurant Tanne am 5.15pm. The Heroes of the Tanne are delighted to meet you and will serve you with seasonally tuned tartes.

After having relished this exquisite appetizer, the Gourmet Path leads you to Annegreth’s Schützenstube. What was once brought to Schaffhausen by the Hugenots is still in use here in the kitchen. Regionality and seasonality are key. Let yourself surprise from the next dish.
Dessert is not far away. It is also served at Annegreth’s Schützenstube.

By the way: The Restaurant Tanne as well as Annegreth’s Schützenstube are members of our regional nature park.

The ending of the gourmet path will take place at the other side of the old town of Schaffhausen at the Bar No13 with a delicious drink. However, maybe it’s not the end but the beginning of a new adventure?

We already wish you a lot of fun on our Gourmet Path and above all, “en Guete”!


Schedule and addresses:

4.30 pm
Vinorama / Schaffhauserland Tourismus
Vordergasse 73, 8200 Schaffhausen
+41 (0)52 632 40 20

5.15 pm
Restaurant Tanne
Tanne 3, 8200 Schaffhausen
+41 (0)52 511 28 88

Main course and dessert
6.30 pm
Annegreth’s Schützenstube
Schützengraben 27, 8200 Schaffhausen
+41 (0)52 625 42 49

8.30 pm
Bar No13
Unterstadt 10, 8200 Schaffhausen

This offer can be booked for a group up to 12 people.

This offer must be booked at least 24 hours before the beginning. Please note, that the price of CHF 85.00 does not include any beverage or extra orders at the restaurants. Excepted are the aperitif and the drink as the respective beverages are part of the offer.



Meeting point

Vordergasse 73, 8200 Schaffhausen

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From CHF 510.00

Practical information

Address : Vordergasse 73, Schaffhausen

Public transport(s) : Train

Duration of the activity :5 hours

Max number of people : 2

Indoor & outdoor

How to get there ?

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