Wii Express

Description of the activity

The Wii Express offers enjoyment, country idyll and old-timer feeling all in one! With the typical yellow American school bus, the Wii Express tour takes you from Schaffhausen through the wine-growing region of "Chläggi". Enjoy the ride through the unique landscape characterised by vineyards and let yourself be enchanted by the wine-growing villages. The highlight is the wine tasting en route at a winery in Hallau. Enjoy the best drops from the region and learn how the grape finds its way into the bottle. Let the winemakers introduce you to the secrets of winemaking!

For our younger guests, there will be Rimuss instead of wine. 


- 13.30 Start Landhaus Schaffhausen
- 15.00 Arrival Winzer Hallau
- 17.00 End of degustation
- 17.30 Arrival Bergtrotte (voluntary disembarkation, must be indicated when booking)
- 17.45 Departure Bergtrotte
- 18.30 Arrival Landhaus Schaffhausen

Meeting point

Landhaus Schaffhausen, Spitalstrasse, 8200 Schaffhausen

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From CHF 79

Practical information

Address : Hauptstrasse 50, Wilchingen

Public transport(s) : Bus, Train

Duration of the activity : 5 hours

Max number of people : 30

Language(s) available : German

Indoor & outdoor

How to get there?

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