Wine-Ship: Enjoy wine on the Rhine

Description of the activity

On the journey from Schaffhausen to Stein am Rhein, taste the delicious wines from Schaffhausen's Blauburgunderland on board the URh and enjoy one of the most beautiful river cruises in Europe. A winegrower on board and fine appetizers accompany you through this wine journey.

  • 13 May 2023 | Stoll Winery
  • 10 June 2023 | Heusi Winery
  • 8 July 2023 | HWG Wines Wilchingen
  • 9 September 2023 | Domaine Bösch
  • 7 October 2023 | Leibacher Wine

Schaffhausen from: 15.18h

Stein am Rhein arrival: 17.23 h

The return journey must be organised by the participants themselves.

Meeting point

Schifflände Schaffhausen, Freier Platz

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From CHF 48

Practical information

Address : Hauptstrasse 50, Wilchingen

Public transport(s) : Boat, Bus

Duration of the activity : 2 hours 5 minutes

Max number of people : 28

Language(s) available : German


How to get there?

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5 hours

Schaffhauserland Tourismus


Gnusspfad Schafuuse

From CHF 85

Vordergasse 73, Schaffhausen