Winzerobig with the winery von Tscharner

1st November 2024

German Switzerland

Winzerobig with the winery von Tscharner

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Vineyards and sites
The diversity of Graubünden viticulture is reflected in our estate.

Our vineyard covers 6 hectares in the 5 municipalities of Maienfeld, Jenins, Chur, Felsberg and Domat/Ems. We cultivate 12 vineyards on which 11 different grape varieties are grown, 60% of which are Pinot Noir.

We do not buy any additional grapes, as the care of the vines has a significant influence on the quality of the wine. This allows us to aim for the ideal quantity for each grape variety and location.

Our motto in the cellar is: “Less is more”, so we do not use any unnecessary additives such as fining agents or enzymes. You can’t make wines, you can only accompany them!